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Founded in 2020 by individuals of diverse backgrounds and specialties with particular interests in healthcare innovation, the Society for Healthcare Innovation is a not-for-profit interdisciplinary organization representing the international health care community that applies innovation to create transformative solutions in the healthcare space.

What can go wrong with any innovation? Well, pretty much EVERYTHING!!!!

The SHCI™ in collaboration with the University of California Santa Cruz and CAVEAT™, cordially invites you to Innovation Frontiers 2023. The conference brings together groups of dedicated professionals with a unique interest in healthcare innovation to present on and discuss current trends in emerging technologies in healthcare - from a AI through blockchain to OMICS technologies. In this 4th edition of Innovation Frontiers™, we create a perfect opportunity to inform, challenge, and drive a fertile ground for each conference participant to thrive.

The conference takes place from Monday, October 30th, 2023 through Friday, November 3rd, 2023 between 1500 - 1630 EST.  Five independent but integrated themes with sessions over the five days filled with speakers giving 10-minute flash presentations, guided discussions with moderators, and small VIP networking opportunities.

To facilitate viewing, we decided to stream the conference on multitude of options, with registration possible through our LinkedIn or directly on the ZOOM webinar platform. UCSC will stream it directly to the classroom via YouTube channel.

If you choose ZOOM registration, you will be offer an opportunity to to voice your interest in meeting directly with speakers & panelis. Limited seating (first come, first serve) for VIP speaker sessions!


SHCI has open hours for the public, companies, individuals, and members.

Please meet and talk about your ideas and how we can help you realize your innovation potential. 

We set aside a one-hour meeting at 8 PM EST  first Monday of every month.

 Non-members need to register -> link will be sent just before the meeting.  Members can access the link from their member site

Next Meeting

November 6th, 2023

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