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Founded in 2020 by individuals of diverse backgrounds and specialties with particular interests in healthcare innovation, the Society for Healthcare Innovation is a not-for-profit interdisciplinary organization representing the international health care community that applies innovation to create transformative solutions in the healthcare space.


Recap of EDGE

In our most recent installment of “Edge of Innovation” we were joined by two experts from the field of #Nanotechnology. J. Alexander Liddle detailed his work with Nanostructures via “DNA Origami”. In his presentation, he showed what his technology is capable of, and applications of his work into #healthcare. In the second presentation, Paul Sheedy described the work that the The World Nano Foundation does, as well as how he helps young nanotechnology companies continue to innovate and create sustainable businesses .Both presentations, as well as the subsequent Q&A sessions can be viewed by SHCI Members. Abridged versions are also available at


SHCI has open hours for the public and members .

Please meet and talk about your ideas and how we can help you realize your innovation potential.  We set aside an one-hour meeting at 8 PM EST  Monday every month

Meetings are monthly.  Non-members need to register -> link will be sent just before the meeting.  Members can access the link from their member site

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May 3rd, 2021 @ 8PM EST


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