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In 2020, SHCI provided an Ambassador to the Hackathon and looks to encourage increased participation by SHCI members in all DataEthics4All programs. Both organizations, with data at the core of their missions, will work together to cross-promote events, foster educational initiatives, and engage in a broad data awareness campaign.

MIT Hackethon

Through the various tracks, SHCI members joined as mentors and helped teams implement sustainable solutions to promote racial equity. In order to build a better tomorrow, we begin our work today, and SHCI will continue to foster innovation through the MIT Hacking Racism in Healthcare partnership

Aging2.0 Introduction - Philadlephia Cha

Aging 2.0



In 2020, SHCI and MI3 began exploratory discussions to find synergies and create programming and projects that will advance novel ideas, creation and adoption of new technologies to impact access, quality, and cost in healthcare. SHCI members will present at MI3 team meetings beginning early in 2021 and work with MI3 team members to cross-promote events, share educational resources, and engage the pediatric community and beyond to advance medical and surgical innovation.

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