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Meet Venture Capital

Healthcare innovation, and particularly advances in vaccine development, has been on the forefront of the world stage over the past year. None of that innovation happens without funding, however, which is why the Society for HealthCare Innovation - SHCI stood up new initiative ask leading venture capitalist where the future of healthcare is.

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SHCI brought together Israel’s top Healthcare VC’s for a discussion on the funding for digital health in 2021. On January 20th, I moderated a panel with Guy Ezekiel from Pitango, Allen Kamer from Qure, Natalie Nadivi from Triventures, and Amir Blatt from Almeda Ventures. The panelists addressed the following questions:

  1. what GTM strategies have you seen be successful? 

  2. What do you/your fund view as the biggest focus area in the digital health space in 2021? 

  3. The impact of COVID transcends the physical harm it has done to millions of people and world economies. In the US and around the world, we are in the midst of a behavioral health crisis. Where do you see the biggest challenges in behavioral health today (i.e. access to care vs. quality of care), and what emerging technologies do you think will play a pivotal role for these new behavioral health startups

  4. We are seeing a shift from digital health solutions that are used mainly as a “system of record” to the newcomers which are ‘systems of intelligence’ - clinical decision support, AI, etc - where do you see the biggest potential and the main challenges? 

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