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August 22, 2021 from 1:30 – 3:00 pm ET in conjunction with Penn’s Masters in Healthcare Innovation alumni event. It will be an inspiring opportunity to learn and to connect with the health care innovation community.


Our first speaker will be Dr. Bruce Leff, Director of the Center for Transformative Geriatric Research at Johns Hopkins. Leff developed Hopkins “Hospital at Home” program which has been in widespread use and which CMS adopted during COVID to grant unprecedented regulatory flexibility to treat acute care patients in their homes. This program has been able to reduce costs by roughly 20 percent and provide equal or better outcomes than for hospital inpatients, according to research.

Also, joining us will be Dr. Sam Ajizian, VP Clinical Research & Medical Science at Medtronic and Chief Medical Officer of Patient Monitoring. During COVID-19, Medtronic sensors allowed many chronic respiratory patients to receive their care at home. They expect these methods - which allow patients to be monitored from afar throughout the care continuum – to become even more prevalent in the post-pandemic world.

This webinar will include time to network with other participants and with the speakers.

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