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About Us

Founded in 2020 by a group of students from the Master of Health Care Innovation of the University of Pennsylvania, the Society of Healthcare Innovation (SHCI) has the purpose of advancing novel ideas, science and technologies to impact access, quality, and cost in healthcare.

Through our diverse interconnected networks of professionals from all avenues of the healthcare ecosystem, SHCI seeks to help push forward the frontiers of healthcare, through innovating in workflows, adoption of new digital care models and transformative technologies that impact the way we provide, receive, and pay for healthcare.

Together, we can design, share, and implement rapid changes within evidence-based paradigms and lead in best practices for today and for the future.

Our Mission

The mission of the Society for HealthCare Innovation (SHCI) is to bring a multidisciplinary professional community together to improve all aspects of healthcare through innovation.

The Society for Healthcare Innovation strives to improve healthcare by serving as a hub for innovation, where new ideas take shape, teams meet and come together, and projects and startups are born. 

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