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Product | People | Impact | Creating human-centered products using empathy, data, & technology

Joshua leverages over 10 years of experience across the healthcare ecosystem to create products and experiences that bring value to patients, providers, and communities. He has a particular passion for products that not only keep us healthy, but foster better connections between people.

He began his career in healthcare as a bedside nurse at Tulane Hospital in New Orleans, and holds two master's degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in Healthcare Leadership and Public Health. Since 2015 he has focused on enhancing delivery of home and community care using technology.

His diverse background in bedside nursing, public health, clinical informatics, and technology has provided a solid platform on which he has created a range of products. These include communication toolkits used by community health workers in rural Africa, cloud-based data visualization products for multi-hospital health systems, and consumer-facing digital healthcare platforms delivering virtual caregiving to families and clinicians under DaaS and SaaS models.

Joshua has worked at all phases of the product life cycle and loves diving in to get a job done - while also documenting the process to enable replication and scaling.

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