Podcasts: April 2020


Danish Nagda

MD, Caregiver, CEO of Rezilient

Speaking with Dr. Nagda gave us a glimpse into the future. His company, Rezilient (https://www.rezilient.io/), can perform 4 of the 5 components of the traditional physical exam using a robot, and they expect to have the ability to perform palpation when the launch of 5G becomes more ubiquitous late next year. By allowing doctors to examine patients as though they were right in front of them, Dr. Nagda is increasing access to care and quality of care, while reducing the risk of infection for frontlines healthcare workers.


Jennifer Meller

MD, MBA, CEO and Founder

This week we interviewed Dr. Jennifer Meller, a practicing NYC Physician and the CEO of Navimize. Navimize integrates into EMR's and utilizing proprietary algorithms, measures clicks as a means of determining how far behind doctors are running. Navimize can set up automatic alerts to patients via text to ensure that they are not showing up too early for delayed appointments. Even before COVID-19, 30% of patients left waiting rooms when lines are too long, and 20% never returned. But while this was once a nice to have; today, preventing backups in waiting rooms has become essential. Dr. Meller discussed how Navimize is also helping Health Systems and practices to organize digital waiting rooms, and how Dr. Meller believes the Pandemic will forever shift waiting rooms.


Trevor Price

CEO, Founder, & GP of Oxeon Holdings and Town Hall Ventures

This week I had the honor of interviewing Trevor Price. Their executive search firm interviews nearly 25,000 top executives in the healthcare technology space each year, which allows them to identify gaps in Healthcare, invest in companies that are meeting those needs, and build companies in-house to address existing gaps. Trevor also speaks in depth about the NYC Covid-19 rapid response coalition. On their website, http://www.nyccovid19.org, you can learn more about how they are delivering meals, medication, counseling and care to at-risk populations throughout NYC by combining SMS, telephonic, telehealth, and in-home care through a network of clinical and logistical support services. Trevor discusses important learnings helpful to anyone else hoping to construct such a playbook for their city.


Kris Laudanski

MD, PhD, UPenn Health System

Kris is board certified in anesthesiology and critical care, and splits his time between his practice as an intensive care doctor at Penn Health, research, teaching, and innovation. Kris and I spoke about the emotional weight of serving as a front-lines physician during a Pandemic, as well as the innovations that have been advanced out of the necessity brought on by COVID-19. We discussed Telehealth, the increasing role of AI, and the lack of red tape that has allowed for big advances in a short period of time. Please make sure to follow us on Linkedin (https://bit.ly/SHCILIP)!


Manuel Puntschuh


In this video, I interview Dr. Puntschuh to learn about measures Medgate has taken to address the Pandemic, and his perspective on how Switzerland and Germany (where is based) are handling COVID-19. This video was taken in late March of 2020.


Pat Kim

MD, Vice-Chief at PPMC, Division of Traumatology, Surgical Critical Care and Emergency Surgery

In this interview, done on March 26th of 2020, Dr. Kim tells us about his work as an attending surgeon at Penn Medicine in the divisions of trauma, critical care, and emergency general surgery. He is the division Vice Chief, and is thus able to provide a unique perspective both as a practicing physician and as a leader. Dr. Kim tells us about the steps Penn is taking to prepare for the surge of patients they are expecting, and how, on a personal level, being a trauma surgeon has given him some insights into how to prepare for high pressure situations, of which this pandemic will certainly qualify.


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